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Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiëntie
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Thursday, October 1, 2015 12:53 AM | Venöse Multiple Sklerose, CVI & SVI, CCSVI Volg link
Magnesium Deficiency & Copper Imbalance --- That's where Diabetes meets Alzheimer's D. & other neurodegenerative "diseases".


Magnesium (Mg) is needed to maintain hormonal balance by activating enzymes, which means ALL hormones activated by enzymes are logically ruled by minerals and NOT the other way around. This is a SCIENTIFIC FACT and nothing med. “professionals” need to argue about.

Magnesium is THE MASTER in maintaining all those countless metabolic processes. It enables for 700-800 enzyme reactions and that's why it is responsible for proper Ca, K, P, Zn, Cu, Fe, Na, Pb, Cd, HCl, Acetylcholine, and Nitric Oxide (NO) metabolization. Magnesium also determines body's Potassium levels and if it is insufficient Potassium will be lost in the urine. Further Magnesium maintains the permeability, flexibility and stability of cell membranes.

Mg & Hormones

This mineral is crucial to the transmission of hormones: Insulin, Thyroid hormones,Estrogen, Testosterone, DHEA and Neurotransmitters like Dopamine, Catecholamine, Serotonine and GABA

It is also crucial for production, function and transport of Insulin and if the body is deficient in it, it will CAUSE e.g. Diabetes Type II. If there is NOT a sufficient amount of Magnesium, there WON’T be a sufficient amount of bio-available Copper to run the Iron metabolic functions either.

Again, that’s a scientific FACT (basics in biochemistry) and nothing to argue about!

Copper & Chromium

Both elements are also very important/involved in Glucose Tolerance factor and Mg is KEY to enabling Tryrosine Kinase to allow Insulin inside the cells.

That means, the metabolic cause of "Insulin Resistance" stems from the Tyrosine Kinase enzyme, which MUST be activated by Mg-ATP!

If someone is"Stressed Out!", mentally and/or physically (e.g *toxins) their Magnesium level will be LOW and at the same time their STRESS Hormones are HIGH. Therefor the Ceruloplasmin production (in the liver) MUST be also insufficient, which inevitably results in higher level of UNBOUND unusable and therefor in higher toxic Copper body tissue deposits too. Some people are even “stressed out” (Magnesium deficient/Copper toxic) from birth, which is caused by Epigenetics (an already deficient/toxic mother during pregnancy!)

Diabetes is for the most part a Zinc deficiency dynamic, particularly Type 1 Diabetes, which means people who are suffering from Diabetes Type I must be automatically high in UNBOUND (toxic/bio-unavailable) Copper & low in Ceruloplasmin/Magnesium at the some time - That’s how the human body works!


Alcohol & sugar eat up Magnesium in a big way & Smoking elevates Cadmium, which kills Zinc. Cigarette smoke is also high in Iron that only ADDS to these crucial Copper imbalances not just in Diabetes!!


“The Magnesium Factor”, by Mildred S. Seelig M.D., MPH, Andrea Rosanoff, PhD;

“The Magnesium Miracle”,by Dr. Carol Dean;

“Musings from MAG…”, by Morley Robbins
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