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Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiëntie
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Sunday, August 28, 2016 12:17 AM | Venöse Multiple Sklerose, CVI & SVI, CCSVI Volg link
The (Vitamin) Hormone D, Cholesterol, Calcium & Magnesium Connection En/D/I

Vitamin D is a Hormone NOT a Vitamin!

It’s the first hormone to exist on Earth and human beings have co-existed with this hormone for million years. To get Cholesterol (layer under the skin) activated by the sun to convert it into Hormone-D’s active form called Calcitriol there are THREE metabolic transactions necessary:

Under the Skin - via UV-B rays Cholesterol gets converted into CHOLECALCIFEROL D3, also called Provitamin D (a fat storage form)
In the Liver– via 25-OHase CHOLECALCIFEROL D3 gets converted into CALCIDIOL, main circulating form of D (water soluble)
In the Kidney – via 1-OHase CALCIDEROL gets converted into CALCITRIOL = Hormonal, ACTIVE form of D.

CALCITRIOL is a steroid-like hormone that interacts with its nuclear VDR (Vitamin D Receptor) in target tissues:

--including the small intestine (to increase calcium resorption)
--osteoblasts in bone (to increase bone calcium absorption)
--in the renal tubular cells in the kidneys (to increase their calcium resorption).

BUT ALL of those transactions can O*N*L*Y happen WHEN MAGNESIUM IS PRESENT in proper amounts! That means the storage Vitamin-D CALCIDIOL-blood test is actually a pretty good Magnesium-body tissue test too!

Vitamin-D is a Hormone and all Hormones have a Target Mission & Target Tissue. One of Vitamin-D’s Target Tissues are the Intestines, and the Intestines have the Target Mission to absorb MORE CALCIUM, which inevitably leads to further loss of Magnesium and that’s what the Vitamin-D blood test is ACTUALLY showing us.

Why? Because the body knows exactly that its Mg : Ca ratio is already out of balance and that there is far too much Calcium and far too less Magnesium in the blood stream. That means the body HAS to keep the Vitamin-D level that low because without enough Magnesium the body CAN’T convert CALCIDIOL into the Hormonal, ACTIVE form of D called CALCITRIOL.

So, what happens when the Storage Vitamin-D level (CALCIDIOL) get measured in studies and the same “experts” who are in charge with these “studies” give later the advice to treat this Vitamin-D “deficiency” (caused by Magnesium deficiency) with a synthetically derived (sheep-skin oil exposed to UV-B light) ACTIVE form of Hormone D (CALCITRIOL)?

What happens when those “experts” want to be smarter as mother nature, which already had rejected to produce more CALCITRIOL because the body did know that the IMPORTANT Mg : Ca ratio was out of balance and that it is EXTREME DANGEROUS to make this imbalance with worse!?

What will happen is, the active form of D (CALCITRIOL) eats up even re Magnesium. So, sooner or later the body will become a complete "Magnesium-Dessert" and unfortunately Magnesium is the only mineral which would be able to break this vicious circle of body tissue calcification (causing disease & death) by acting as natural Calcium Channel blocker and at the end the cells, the human body will die poisoned by Calcium overload.

On the other hand with a sufficient amount of Magnesium the body will be able to absorb enough natural Vitamin-D from the sun as human beings have absorbed it for thousands of years.

Go out in the sun, exercise, swim in the ocean or if not possible get your daily body rub with a Magnesium-Chloride salt solution and eat real food infused not just with this mineral but also with Vitamin-A & K, which are important co-factors for the proper Vitamin-D metabolism and not just your Cholesterol-, Hormone D-, Calcium- & Magnesium level will be fine!.....
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