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Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiëntie
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Monday, July 17, 2017 5:11 AM | Venöse Multiple Sklerose, CVI & SVI, CCSVI Volg link
Vasospasm & Chocolate Cravings - How low magnesium is affecting your hormonal balance

“”...Ever wonder why you crave chocolate before your period? It’s because your body is clamoring for magnesium, and, ounce for ounce, dark chocolate (80-plus percent cocoa) has more magnesium than any other food. The higher the estrogen or progesterone, the lower the magnesium. During the second half of the menstrual cycle, when both estrogen and progesterone are elevated, magnesium plummets. This can result in spasms in the brain arteries — a prelude to PMS and migraines. Increasing dietary and supplemental magnesium can help relieve PMS-related symptoms, such as headaches, bloating, low blood sugar, dizziness, fluid retention and sugar cravings...."
Many women are missing this mineral in their diets and the effects are major
Are you constantly tired or hungry? Does your mood sink before you get your period? You could be magnesium deficient, find out how to get more.