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Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiëntie
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Monday, November 13, 2017 2:31 AM | CCSVI Alliance Volg link
Dr Paolo Zamboni to report his findings from the Brave Dreams Trial Nov. 18, 2017 - VEITH 2017 Symposium
The sky above Ferrara with AstroSamantha
In the video of Federico Vecchiatini, astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti welcomed at the Fair in Ferrara as a rock star illustrates the Drain Brain program together with Professor Paolo Zamboni. Research, supported by non-gravity experiments during its long stay in space (nearly 200 days), provided important data for Dr. Zamboni's studies on multiple sclerosis and its innovative therapy.

FERRARA. On paper, it will only be available for 5 minutes, from 10:45 am to 10:50 am on Saturday, November 18, and to respect the allocated time, it will have to make the most of the communicative talents that allow it to be heard with interest both by a audience composed by specialists and by an audience of ordinary citizens. Because Paolo Zamboni, 60, a professor of Ferrara, director of the Unife Translation Unit and transliteration specialist and international expert in the field of vascular diseases, every second ripped from the attention of the audience will have a special value.
That morning he will talk to NewYork in front of a panel of scientists from all over the world to attend the 44th Annual Symposium on Vascular and Endovascular Issues, a five-day scientific marathon during which every speaker (surgeons, radiologists, cardiologists) will be able to present the results of the research conducted in the field of diagnosis and therapy of vascular diseases.

The rocket started with the plethysmograph realized in Ferrara
The Space X Is Cargo space launch from NASA's Space Base, Cape Canaveral, which delivers new instrumentation to the International Space Station (Iss), including the plethysmographer made in Ferrara by team researcher Paolo Zamboni (Unife). The device will be used by astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti to perform some tests on the venous flow under microgravity conditions.

Zamboni - this is the title of his short presentation - will for the first time, albeit briefly, report the results of the "Brave Dreams" studio, conducted in Italy, coordinated by Sant'Anna di Ferrara Hospital, in particular by Professor and its team, and funded in 2012 with 2.7 million euros from the Emilia Romagna Region.
The starting hypothesis that malformation of the cerebral and thoracic veins, discovered and named by Zamboni, with the name of chronic cerebrovascular venous insufficiency (Ccsvi), could play a role in the onset of multiple sclerosis

Join CCSVI Alliance and Dr Zamboni at 12 Noon - Sept 18, 2017 for a Facebook Live Event where he will discuss the trial data from the Brave Dreams Trial. Questions will be taken from the online viewers.
Brave Dreams, pronti i risultati delle ricerche - Cronaca - La Nuova Ferrara
Sclerosi multipla e Ccsvi: sabato 18 novembre a New York Paolo Zamboni illustrerà gli esiti della sperimentazione