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Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiëntie
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Monday, December 4, 2017 11:05 PM | CCSVI Alliance Volg link
Paolo Zamboni tweets:
From Heretic I failed and I start again from here "Rome
Defeated by Science.
At least for now. He himself had to write in the conclusions of the research that no, there is nothing to do: the "method " that bears his name cannot be recommended to multiple sclerosis patients. Paul Zamboni has long been the man of Providence for so many patients and also a source of business for private individuals. Many clinics have made money on his idea of a link between neurological disease and a malformation of the cerebral veins (the CCSVI) correctable with angioplasty. It was 2010 when the professor and vascular surgeon of Ferrara ended up repetition on TV and newspapers.
Many asked that the "Zamboni method " entered the public hospitals and started a search in several centers to evaluate the effects of the opening of the vessels "defective ". The results of "Brave Dreams ", a study paid by the Emilia region of which the surgeon is first signed, have now been published by the journal Jama Neurology. And they flunk the doctor's theory.
How do you summarize the results?
' There are no statistical conclusions to transfer the method to the clinical routine. The indiscriminate use of all patients with multiple sclerosis cannot be recommended. '
How was it to write such a thing after so many hopes and work?
"I had no difficulty in formalizing the conclusions. From the scientific point of view, the low efficacy of a technique to improve cerebral drainage has been enshrined, but the vascular hypothesis is not thrown at sea. As the Jama editor wrote, in a subset of patients the angioplasty could be useful. The cue could serve to do other research. "
The method is based on a non-harmful technique, the study said. Have you ever thought of bringing it in private?
No. I have had many proposals, also very profitable, to move to the clinic in both Italy and outside but I am fortunate to do the trade that I like, to be a professor
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