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Thursday, June 7, 2012 10:58 PM | CCSVI in MS Toronto Volg link

The conference, which took place between 12.00 and 13.00 of Tuesday, June 6 at the hall of the London Congress Centre Lingotto in Turin, this was our Secretary Fabrizio Fiorini briefs us on what felt below:

. The meeting, which presenziavano over a hundred people - including several young radiologists - began precisely with the assistance of Prof. Zamboni that a quarter of an hour he tried to summarize all the findings in recent years on CCSVI and its relationship with MS, in concluding his speech with the announcement of the Brave Dreams (which according to his words, ".. it should start in July .."), presented to the audience as the trial officer who will dissolve any doubts left by his previous studies, challenged by his detractors for the lack of sample groups or the lack of double-blind;

. immediately after he spoke, Dr. Floris of Tor Vergata (Rome) who presented several studies (based on venografie, ECD, etc..) following the discovery of the Zamboni, which would give many results very different from those obtained previously by Zamboni and his team ; more than once Floris gave the feeling of wanting to attack quite hard zamboniane theories, with phrases like ".. even though you tried to create the conditions desired by Zamboni, the results were very different ..." showing Also during his presentation of the data Dopp and Gallo-Baracchini already widely questioned in the past;

. even harder was the subsequent intervention of Dr. Centonze, a neurologist at Tor Vergata (Rome), which based on 90% of its presentation of pictures showing the logo MS Society and insisted in speaking of the study the cosmos as one study numerically and qualitatively relevant at the international level, to which reference must be made as soon as data become available. Unlike what has been said repeatedly in recent months by Dr. Comi, definitive data are available, however, according Centonze, only in the autumn and will be officially presented at the annual meeting of neurologists. According to a slide (always with logo AISM) shown during the intervention, the situation of the cosmos to May 28 would be as follows: 1800 recruited about 2,000, with 1,588 of these patients already receiving ECD, since in contrast to previous which gave almost as already concluded the study a few weeks ago, with final results coming in June. In his speech, as he had done previously in the Floris also his colleague, Dr. Centonze has also highlighted several times how they think, unlike what happened in the past for medical and scientific studies, one on CCSVI is driven more by a pressing-Internet campaign that has a real scientific evidence. He also made a brief reference to the problem of conflict of interests, not too subtly alluding to the fact that - although there is evidence of just how neurologists have potential conflicts of interest with drug companies - even those involved in the study have the same problem with CCSVI equipment manufacturers and equipment;

. the subsequent intervention of Dr Galeotti (interventional team Zamboni) was instead almost entirely devoted to the technical aspects of the PTA, its applicability to the veins involved in CCSVI, types of deformations and venous valve and the clinical results obtained with their actions, only in the concluding part Galeotti has hung up some ideas expressed by the Roman doctors who had preceded him, signaling an openness to any other alternative techniques to PTA (for example if it occurs more than strictures matter flows) and confirmed as still the current study in Buffalo Dreams Brave and the highly anticipated, leaving a short, many doubts should dissolve currently on the table.

E 'followed by a brief discussion open to the public, which was actually settled - in the absence of questions from the audience, and apart from a brief clarification on Floris-Galeotti% of restenosis - in an exchange of views between Floris and Zamboni, who has particularly keen to stress how he is always ready to get back into play and study all the variables that emerge from various studies, while the other side, however, often sees a priori hostility towards him.

Once the meeting concluded at approximately 13.00, our Secretary then had a chance to talk briefly in private with Prof. Zamboni some technical and organizational aspects of the Brave Dreams and possible parallel studies within the region of Lombardy, for which we will inform you in more detail in the next few days, after reviewing and evaluating the various possibilities within us.

Intervento del Prof. Zamboni e del Dott. Galeotti al 45° Convegno SIRM di Torino – 05.06.2012

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