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Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiëntie
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Thursday, April 7, 2011 11:00 PM | Kristen Cuenca Volg link

    CCSVI Treatment program at Star Medica Hospital, Merida, Mexico releases preliminary research findings

  The CCSVI Team in Merida, Mexico at Star Medica Hospital has been evaluating and performing CCSVI treatments since June, 2010. The team's vast experience includes treatment of over 200 MS patients diagnosed with CCSVI from areas around the world. Of these 200 patients, only 4% so far have complained of possible restenosis at 6 months post-treatment. Complications have occurred in less than 1% of cases treated at Star Medica including 1 patient with a ruptured balloon which was removed surgically with a neck incision and another developed bleeding from a small neck vein; otherwise there have been only transitory and non-serious arrhythmia issues, no bleeding complications and no deaths. The total number of patients treated since June, 2010 are 205 with 142 women treated and 63 men treated. Patients ranged in age from 16 years of age to 75. No complications were noted within 30 days of the procedure, except a few patients complained of sore shoulders post-treatment and some side effects from Plavix. The length of stay was not longer for any patients, except those who were treated as previously mentioned for complications, who were still discharged and traveled back home during the expected trip length (5 days total).

On staff, we have a Vascular Neurologist, Dr. Jaime Mendoza, who is Fellowship trained and Board certified in both Neurology and Vascular Medicine. Every patient is evaluated pre and post-treatment by Dr. Mendoza with recommendations given regarding both patients MS and CCSVI. Dr. Bernardo Silva and Dr. Elena Solis, Board certified Vascular Surgeons teamed with Dr. Carlos Alonzo, Board certified Interventional Radiologist, work as a team to identify and treat patients' venous issues. Post-treatment protocol includes a Physiotherapy evaluation and exercise plan which is performed just before discharge, so that patients can return home already working on strengthening muscles and increasing range-of-motion. Star Medica is a beautiful, modern private hospital with many amenities. Star Medica is the only hospital in Southeast Mexico currently accredited by the Health Council of Mexico, a prestigious certification. The hospital is directly across the street from Meson de la Luna, hotel and spa, where patients comfortably stay during the treatment period in a lovely, spacious hotel room, complete with outdoor spa and breakfast buffet. All costs are included in the package price except for meals and airfare.

In light of current medical literature findings coupled with the preliminary research findings from our patients in Merida, the CCSVI Treatment Team at Star Medica hospital is proposing the following changes to our treatment protocol. Instead of an MRV and/or Doppler screening prior to treatment, we are performing the Gold Standard of Venogram conducted at the time of treatment. We are comfortable foregoing the MRV/Doppler screening as no patients to date have been turned away for lack of venous abnormalities. Patients will be exposed to less medication and testing with this method and will realize a cost savings in our package price which is now $8000USD if scheduled before May 1st. Post-treatment will still include physiotherapy evaluation, Doppler screening, and detailed follow-up evaluation with Dr. Mendoza, Vascular Neurologist as well as attentive concierge services. Please visit us at: or call one of our nurses at 1-866-999-3848! We would love to help you get on the road to recovery!