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Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiëntie
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Saturday, April 30, 2011 10:26 AM | Wouter Hoeberechts Volg link

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When first considering gastric sleeve plication, I conducted my research in the Houston area. Since the services were relatively new to Houston, the prices were very high. Average prices in the Houston area exceeded $30,000. Since I was paying out of pocket (my insurance provider does not cover such procedures), the cost was a definite factor for consideration.

I then began researching the Internet for service providers and discovered several interesting articles about medical tourism. One name kept coming up time and time again: World Med Assist. I went to their website and provided my contact information. Within a day, I was contacted by Jean, a case manager with World Med Assist. Although I was in China at the time on business travel, Jean began providing with all of the information for me to make an informed decision. I am so glad that she did!!

All of the preparation for the surgery was handled with the utmost professionalism…from the preliminary discussion with the doctor (Dr. Daniel Huacuz) to answering questions within minutes of pressing the enter key. I was also very pleased with the transportation to and from the San Diego airport…extremely courteous and warm.

The INT Hospital, while small was a pleasant surprise. There were several other patients from the US and Canada present and everyone was treated exceptionally well. Dr. Daniel Huacuz is obviously well respected and liked by the hospital staff…when was the last time that you heard laughter in a hospital…everyone genuinely respected each other and enjoyed everyone’s company.

It has been a week since my surgery and I have had absolutely no problems….the pain medication that I was provided has been very satisfactory and whenever I need just a little more, ibuprofen works great. I am also heartened to have received several follow-up emails and telephone calls from the World Med Assist team (Jean), Dr. Daniel Huacuz, and even the transportation team to ensure that I am recovering well.

I am extremely glad of my decision to use World Med Assist and Dr. Daniel Huacuz; I highly recommend using their services for anyone considering the gastric sleeve plication.