Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiƫntie

weer een leuke uitspraak van dr Sclafani op TIMS
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Auteur:  robbie [ vr 17 feb 2012, 13:17 ]
Berichttitel:  weer een leuke uitspraak van dr Sclafani op TIMS

So let me put it back to you this way Sal,

What diseases have 'CCSVI' in common, such as MS, that come to your door?

Do we have a situation where the whole dx system/structure/assessment/understanding needs to be re-evaluated?

Who can help with this?

Neurology needs to get off their auto-immunity horse, Vascular Specialists need to make a stand and everyone needs smell the roses that you are offering?

Enjoy your weekend, mine has started in this part of the world,

The overwhelming majority of the patients who have ccsvi due to venous obstructions are patients who have been given a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. I think that many of these patients have symptoms that are due to ccsvi, but when that symptom complex has been detected, the natural assumption has been that those symptoms are due to MS. This is neither surprising nor unreasonable if one never knew that there actually were obstructions of the veins.

Sort of analogous to a 15th Century peasant concluding that the disappearance of a ship crossing the atlantic was caused by that ship falling off a flat earth. If you thought the earth was flat, that would be a very logical conclusion.

This case shows very clearly that a patient with these symptoms can exist without any neurological disease.

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