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Friday, May 4, 2012 6:04 PM | CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis Volg link

Just wondering how many in this group have had this experience....

you wake up feeling dizzy, sick and tired, and instead of thinking that perhaps you might have a bit of the flu, a bad cold, or some other treatable ailment,

you immediatly think--

It's my %^($*-  MS.

Because Jeff just went two weeks thinking he was in an MS flare.

He went and saw his neuro, and she also assumed it was a flare. 

He had an MRI, but it was clean, no new lesions, brain looked good.

He took some steroids, still no better.

And then our GP saw him, and noticed a rash spreading under his arm and trunk.

Sure enough, after a visit to the dermatologist, he had a diagnosis.


I feel terrible, because I also assumed it was MS, and didn't make him see our doctor sooner.

He's on an antiviral now, and the rash is painful, but clearing.

He's sleeping alot, and I've been making soups full of garlic, ginger, mushrooms and other natural antivirals.

And he's happy to know that this too, shall pass.

Although his new nickname around the house is "Job"...those blisters are gnarly.

So, here's my question:

Have you put off seeing the doctor when you feel sick, because you assume it's your MS, and so you don't get checked out?

(Please don't do that anymore.)

Has your neuro listened to your list of symptoms and just assumed it's your MS?

Go see a GP and get some bloodwork and have a physical.

Not everything is your MS, and some things can be treated and helped-

like a vitamin deficiency or a viral/bacterial infection.

And sometimes, pwMS postpone seeing a doctor, because they assume there's nothing to be done.

Hope this note spares someone else a week of untreated shingles or toughing out the flu....

be well!