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Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiëntie
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Monday, May 7, 2012 12:07 AM | Laura Pino Volg link

6 May  ok at this point I'm changing my expectations of my life. Formerly I was active and busy. In the past three years I have become disabled. Now my right hand/arm and right leg don't work so well and I don't have much energy. I've done 3 spiritual interventions (costly, but they used to work for me), 3 CCSVI's, one stem cell treatment. Also, I turned 50, and it was like a switch flipped for me. So I went from active and functional to old/not so functional in a compressed short time. I kept thinking I would get back to active/functional. But at this point it's not happening. And I don't want to do any more big attempts.

My husband is my caregiver. I felt bad about his having to do everything, but we talked recently and he is fine with it. He wants to do it. So now the situation is that I sit or lay down most of the time. I do computer stuff. I help as I can with our business, though we had to hire someone (to do the office work I used to do) last year. I rest a lot. If I have a headache I just stay in bed. If I feel decent (or at least 'not bad') I will juice, and sometimes I might go outside to sit in my reclining chair for a while.

It's been 5 months since I had stem cells. They did stop the progression. During my recovery I seem to have poisoned myself with iron or something. Because of this my balance went out more and I fell, and had to stop exercising for a while. I have been having headaches and was actually ill recently, none of which helped. Now I am somewhat settled out again , at a lower functional level though a little better than when I first did stem cells. Overall, I can talk on the phone again, breathe better, I'm not so emotional, and a little stronger.

I am now finished “trying to regain my health”. I am going to be in the moment and live life as it comes. So I'm handicapped. I wish I could have been a cautionary tale for someone, living large and getting physically wrecked in the process, but I was temperate and sober, and it happened anyway, because I got MS. So I might be the opposite lesson! Life can be so random. It's an adventure.

I've just started exercising again today, 6 minutes on the stationary bike.

I thought MS was psychosomatic for the first 12 years I had it, because spiritual treatment made it go away. Now I know there is something physical to it. In years to come the cause and cure will probably be found (if anyone besides Big Pharma looks for it).

I don't think I'll be blogging regularly again.

It's been my pleasure spending time with you all.