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Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiëntie
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Thursday, May 17, 2012 7:31 AM | Norma Harrison Volg link

Had a restful night and started my day with Bebe checking my blood pressure and temperature. Breakfast came upstairs soon after and I had a cheese omelet  and a bagel. After breakfast it was my appointment with Dr. Quevedo  my optometrist, a very happy go lucky fellow. He is checking my eye sight before and after surgery to see if there was any change to my vision.  On the way back to our room we made a stop in the lobby to see the beautiful murals and artwork.  By the time we got back, lunch was on it's way. Just then Dr. Hernandez and Dr. Macias came with some final words about tomorrows surgery. After Dr. Marcias left, Dr. Hernandez stayed behind and talked to us for about one and a half hours, I felt so privileged that he would take that much time from his busy day to just sit and talk to us about his life, life in general, religion and my vascular system. I felt in some ways I was just talking to my dad, both very intelligent men but so genuine and down to earth. This was truly the highlight of my day. I can't believe we are just now getting to our lunch which is now cold after talking to the Dr. for so long, but it was worth it. Paulina had promised me some great tasting new tea for us to try so she sent her assistant Jessica with some interesting flavors, I tried orange-vanilla, nice change. We decided to play a few games on on line and talked to some family members. Wanted to get my blog posted but was having trouble with the pictures. Now it was time to see the neurologist. He did the usual tests and said he would also be back to check on my recovery after surgery. I was so surprised to meet my first neurologist who was working together with the surgeons instead of trying to denounce the existence of C.C.S.V.I. just like they do back home in Canada. He believes in what we are doing because he has seen for  himself, first hand, that so many of us have had great recovery.  Shortly after that, Alejandra, my evening nurse shows up. She is the one who loves to torture me. Always poking and prodding me with some needle for some reason. She says she just doing her job but she's always smiling and laughing while shes doing it. Just joking, We always make each other laugh and we joke around. G.P. showed up and said she had bad news, I am diabetic. Alejandra gave me my very first insulin shot, an outcome of my disability, gaining so much weight and not being able to move around and get exercise.   Hopefully this will go away after I get better and start working out again. One more Dr. to go it's my Anesthesiologist, Dr. Cortez, a very personable lady who asked a lot of questions about family history. Last but not least my night nurse Jenny comes and would like to prepare me for the night before surgery. I'm going to get sleeping pill tonight so I'm well rested.Shower time then off to bed. I won't be posting day 3 for obvious reasons, surgery starts at 9:00am but I'm trying to convince my husband to.  I;m looking forward to the sleep induced nap, it;s always been the best sleep of my life.  Till Tomorrow  GOOD NIGHT ALL !  Norma.