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Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiëntie
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Sunday, May 20, 2012 7:38 AM | Norma Harrison Volg link

To day is the day, there's no stopping me now.  I have no worries or anxiety, I'm looking forward to getting this done.  It's 7:30 in the morning and Bebe comes in and tells me it's time to get ready for surgery. She took my temperature/blood pressure, she put a hospital gown on and a hair net with those funny blue slippers.  She wheeled me down the hallway and into the elevator to the OR floor.  All was quiet until she asked me if I was scared or nervous. After a pause and taking a moment to think about it, I told her No. I have full confidence in my Dr.s and nurses and that everything will go fine. They took me to the operating room and strapped me in to position, then I remember nothing. While I was sleeping I sent my husband down to get an over due eye exam at the Dr, who seen me the day before. Great place to catch up on all your other health needs at Excel. It was here that after all my testing they had discovered I'm diabetic and found a bladder infection that I never knew I had. This is total all around health care when you come here. 5 hours later I awaken in intensive care. Dr. Hernadez stopped in to see me and asked how I was. I felt improvement right away. Hands  and feet had various degrees of improvement. I stayed there all night  with my nurse Samantha. She came to check on me every hour. I  think that this is it. It been a slow night not much more to say. Hope I'm a little better by tomorrow.   Norma    Cardiologist%20Dr%20Macias.JPG