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Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiëntie
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Sunday, May 27, 2012 7:00 AM | Norma Harrison Volg link

7 am Bebe had came in bright and early. It was my last day here. I felt kind of sad and a little scared to be going home. Here I was safe, here I was spoiled, here was becoming like home. The people here were becoming like family to me. My husband commented that his vacation was over. First order of business was breakfast and then Bebe said that she would be taking  me down to the optometrist, he wants to do a follow up visit to see if my eyes had improved. After the tests he had told me that they did, they had improved enough that I had to move my glasses further down to the end of my nose to see clearly. Back upstairs for lunch the nurse had come in a told me that we would be taking out my catheter. She said we were going to start training my bladder to work again. I was a little nervous about that because it meant walking, walking for the first time since my surgery. I was used to not having to worry about that. During the day people were stopping by to say good bye, they knew I was leaving in the morning. Dr. Macias had came to brief me on all of the medications that he would be sending me home with, what the were for and when and how to take them.  I had a few question about getting on the plane the next day and asked about pain medication, I wanted to be comfortable on the plane ride home. I had to order a special van to be taken to the airport because I thought I would be more comfortable sitting in my chair. Paulina took care of ordering that for me,  just one more thing I never had to worry about. Next was my first shower after surgery.  With the catheter gone I took my first steps with my walker and made my way to the shower. It was tough and slow going but not as bad as I had imagined. The shower felt great, I started to feel that things were slowly getting back to normal. My last dinner had arrived and we were enjoying our last hours and a few more good byes. Not being able to sleep most of the night, I had gotten up several times to make a bathroom stop. I noticed that it was getting easier to walk each time I had to go. I lied in my bed until morning just resting, thinking about my whole time here and what an experience it was. I watched the sun come up for the last time in Mexico. I watched my husband sleeping peacefully thinking how lucky and grateful I was to have a loving and supportive man who stands behind me no matter what new roads I want to take in my journey.