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Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiëntie
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Monday, June 24, 2013 5:24 PM | Andres Brakke Volg link

CCSVI/ treatment performed by Dr. Rafael Moguel and his team of specialists at the Clinics of the Heart  located in the modern Costamed hospital in Cozumel, Mexico.

In addition to the level of experience that treating almost 650 MS CCSVI patients has given us, we offer ground breaking techniques and products like the Paclitaxel drug eluting balloons that are designed to reduce restenosis as well as stem cell implantation which may be effective regenerating and repairing damaged cells.

Optional CCSVI angioplasty + stem cell treatment

The combined CCSVI angioplasty / stem cell treatments offer more ways to obtain improvements, the first by enhancing blood flow to the brain thru balloon angioplasty of the jugular and azygous veins, the second by increasing the chance for neuron recovery in the presence of new cells (stem cells). We expect maximum benefits while performing both procedures at the same time. 

The costs of  the multiple sclerosis treatments are as follows:

Angioplasty (*) CCSVI using conventional balloons               $   6,500.00 US

Angioplasty CCSVI + stem cell implant                                 $  20,000.00US

Drug eluting or medicated balloon (paclitaxcel)                    $  2,500.00 US ea.

Stem cell implant only                                                          $ 16.000.00 US

Our scheduling process is rather simple and straightforward as you only need to follow these very simple instructions:

1. Select your desired dates for travel and treatment.

2. Email the treatment coordinator at to check date availability.

3. Reserve your flights (Allow for at least a 7 night stay in Cozumel Island )

4. Forward your flight itinerary to

5. Receive your confirmation.

Contact Andrés Brakke/Multiple Sclerosis treatment coordinator

Skype: clinicsoftheheart   (24 Hours)

Clinics of the Heart