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Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiëntie
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Sunday, June 30, 2013 7:49 PM | Andres Brakke Volg link


Not convinced that the procedure will work? 

In 2010 after Dr. Rafael Moguel (interventional cardiologist) learned of the Zamboni “Liberation Procedure” he wanted to treat 10 patients who suffered from Multiple Sclerosis following Dr. Zamboni’s protocol to the letter, after obtaining the blessing of the hospital ethics committee he asked me to go online and find 10 patients who would take what was perceived to be a HUGE leap of faith, come to Mexico, a strange place, a foreign language, to have a potentially life changing procedure performed by a doctor they never heard of…it took me all of 10 minutes, pretty soon I had a waiting list with 100 names on it. Nine people from Canada and one from Mexico took that “leap of faith” When I spoke with them over the phone I told them, “Doctor Moguel is a board certified, very experienced interventional cardiologist, but he’s never performed this procedure following this protocol, are you ok with that?” needless to say they were, and many have since followed. (all 10 are doing fine by the way) The moral of this story is that the people who travel to a far away land to seek relief of their symptoms have guts,they are brave but they also are using their own brain and their owns instincs and they understand that other countries have equal if not superior medical care than their own… the cutting edge technologies, equipment and facilities, they understand that other countries are not controlled by the interests of the F.D.A. and big pharma so technology such as stem cells or the drug eluting balloons that significantly reduce restenosis are proven and are commonly used in Mexico, in Europe and other places. That´s why people travel to get better… does everybody get better? Of course not, not at home, not aboroad, but most do. Those who travel for medical reasons are those who don’t listen to nay sayers, to fence sitters who need to vent and express opinions no matter how mis-informed they may be…and believe me, a lot of people do believe everything they read on the internet. That would keep a lot of folks on copaxone wasting away back home in their comfort zone… So, what’s my angle or agenda? Well anyone who has met me or read what I have posted on the internet knows that I am a CCSVI treatment advocate for sure, that I believe 100% in the endovascular approach to this and that I believe that Rafa Moguel is the best doctor to do it. I am a retired hotel excecutive who worked for the finest hotel companies in Mexico for 30 years.. Five years ago I suffered a massive stroke, by the grace of God, Rafa was my doctor and he brought me back to life, now, I am 100% recovered and he and I are best friends.BUT even if you choose not to come to the Clinics of the Heart…anyone who reads this and has MS or knows someone who has MS should have this done, no matter where, Mexico, Poland, India or the US but get it done. Listen not to people that just write things that make you doubt, fear mongering I think it’s called…just follow your instincs, follow your heart…you have to WANT to get better…is it scary? You bet, but SCARIER is just wasting away letting this horrendous disease get the best of you. In short and to be clear, yes, I would prefer you come to Mexico to be treated by Dr. Moguel, he´s a great guy and I promise you’ll be glad you did, in fact, this is what you need to do to get to the Clinics of the Heart…contact me, Andrés Brakke, or Skype: clinicsoftheheart we are Mexico’s premier interventional cardiology clinic. I will take care of the details of your trip in general..having said that, come with us or go elsewere but get the CCSVI treatment and get it done soon, because MS doesn’t wait, neither should you.