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Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiëntie
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Thursday, May 17, 2012 2:59 AM | Norma Harrison Volg link

Hi All, I'm doing great, it's like a hotel here, service has been impeccable so far. All of my requests have been met. So far we have met so many very nice people. First, was our driver Sergio who picked us up at the hotel in San Diego in the morning. He is a friendly, talkative man who filled us in on some interesting Tijuana facts. It was about a 15 min. ride to Excel. When we arrived at the hospital we were met by Paulina, International Patient Coordinator and my day nurse Bebe at the car, I felt like royalty, like they were expecting a dignitary. First stop was our room. It is very large with 2 beds,dressers, DVD player and a 42 inch flat screen LCD T.V. My medical tests started right away. Bebe came in and put in my I.V. that will stay in until my last day for various drugs they will need to give me. Then the simple blood work, temp. urine and blood pressure. Now it's off for my C.A.T.scan. It was the best CAT scan room I've ever seen. While looking up, they have painted a mural of a forest and a night sky with stars and a comet that lights up when light are off. At least if you have to be there, it's better than looking at a boring white ceiling. A thoughtful distraction. Finally I can eat. It was brunch. Food is great. Our brunch was real grilled chicken, fresh fruit and yogurt, what such a treat. Then we met my next nurse Marie, she will take care of me until afternoon shift changes. After lunch another test, E.K.G.of my heart. Then a visit from the Dietitian Melissa to go over my food preference's. At last I get to meet the man who will hopefully change my life. Dr. Jose Hernandez. He is a kind and caring patient man. He has been studying all my tests and came to discuss what he will be doing in a few days for my surgery. He answered all my questions. I feel totally confident putting my life in his hands. My husband Geoff and I had a short nap before dinner, jet lag had caught up with us. Dinner was homemade pasta and sauce with a salad and steamed broccoli with juice . It was a perfect first dinner. Another visit from Paulina to check if we are happy and if we need anything before she leaves for the day. Now I meet my evening nurse Alejandra very pleasant girl that hook up some I.V.antibiotics and brought carrot cake and coffee. So many nurses, it's getting hard to remember all these names, I'm going to need a score card soon. Then I had a visit from Dr. Carlos Macias my cardiologist, he is a friendly, informative man who will also be there to keep an eye on my heart during surgery He said my EKG was perfect, he listened to my heart and a few other places. Finally I meet my night nurse Alejandra # 2, thank god she has the same name as the last nurse so it is easy to remember her name. Then a visit from a G.P. who will follow me and report to the other Drs. Geoff and I watched a few movies that we brought from home and it's off to bed. I will have a few more tests and Dr. visits tomorrow. I hear it will be a neurologist and a optometrist. The only person I have yet to meet is Tina, the person who has been with me since the beginning, I hope to see her soon. Day 1 is now over.. Check back for day 2 tomorrow. Norma.