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Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiëntie
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Monday, May 21, 2012 7:28 AM | Norma Harrison Volg link

Last night was a very restless night. They wake you up every hour to check on you and your vital signs, very cautious but not good for sleeping.  Still lying in intensive care that morning, I was alone with my thoughts, I kept making self assessments on my condition, trying to figure out how much better I was feeling and what improvements  I was experiencing. Shortly after that Dr. H. came in  and explained my surgery went and what he did. He said that everything was normal and no complications but he had to make a much bigger incision on my left leg than he wanted to. He had to do this as my vein was not healthy enough and needed to get a bigger piece to complete the job right. He also said that I would need to stay 2 days longer for pain management and observation.  At that moment I burst into tears, not just a few tears , I mean total melt down. So many things just started to go threw my head. What was going to happen to everyone back home who was expecting me on the 19th. My sons babysitter had left their family to be at my house to take care of my son, my husbands work, my airline tickets and Dr, appts I had scheduled back home. This really started to bug me how I was interrupting others on my behalf. Then it was about me too, much more pain and bigger scar.  All of this over reaction was due to the morphine shot I was given just prior to the Dr.s arrival, I never should have freaked out like I did. When everyone seen how upset I was, they all started to work on solutions to put my mind a ease. Dr.s, nurses, and Pauline the coordinator  made it a priority to find solutions to all my problems immediately.  The whole day was spent by me calling airlines and family members that needed to know what was going on and why.  Needless to say by  the end o the day all problems were solved and I was so grateful to everyone for their caring and kind assistance.  The rest of the night was dinner and a relaxing movie before bed.  I had the best sleep that night so far.