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Thursday, June 6, 2013 12:06 AM | Jayne thomas Volg link

First off let start by saying I have NEVER been treated so horrendously by some of you here...Second I want to thank Lee Chuckry for calling me late last night with threats of the CCSVI Clinic being "brought" down. He said WE are going to bring them down and I feel it's my duty to warn you...when asked who WE were he claimed Michelle Walsh, the RCMP and him...I am posting this everywhere to show what FALSE CLAIMS Lee, his wife and MW made . When you watch the video you will note the room was NOT filthy but instead rather clean. Our hospital here is disgusting compared to the one THEY went to. hmmm and you forgot to mention the kidney stones they broke down for you Lee so you could pass them...the only lies were from Lee, his wife and MW. Shame on all of you and I think someone is going to get Karma thrown right at them. I am never this hostile and I am so very sorry but the abuse I took in the last few days disgusting!!! Here's the link and please do enjoy the video and letter...if this blog is blocked, trust me I'll find other avenues...for those who believed in me I thank you with the greatest of gratitude.. the link is below...enjoy :)

Excerpt from the letter

If Mr. Chuckry wrote this blog—and I am incredulous to think he did—he has opened himself up to a defamation suit. This kind of misrepresentation of the facts will make us very cautious of treating international patients who come here to receive a therapy they can get nowhere else. If this account was written by Mr. Chuckry himself, I am at a loss to understand how a patient with a potential new lease on life could be so ungrateful and destructive towards those who have cared for him, extended considerable free medical therapy for other unrelated medical conditions, and who would have continued therapy on him through many many years of follow up while he was part of the study. Although we have much more video of the Chuckrys, the following is representative of their visit to the clinic where significant progress due to his therapies was seen. As a medical doctor who has spent years building a personal reputation for ethical care, I will let the viewer decide where the truth lies.