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Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiëntie
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Saturday, June 29, 2013 6:46 PM | Michelle Walsh Volg link
Thank you so much for translating Lynnie Heal !

Multiple sclerosis: CCSVI diagnosis serves a multimodal approach
  It was published on the website of the scientific journal BMC Medicine an article entitled "the role of diagnostic techniques for... non-invasive and invasive images for detection of abnormal extra cranial venous system and development variants".
  According to some American researchers at the University of Buffalo (New York) the extra cranial venous system is complex and not well studied in comparison to the peripheral venous system. A vascular condition proposal recently, called chronic venous insufficiency cerebro spinal fluid (CCSVI), initially described in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) has sparked a keen interest for a better understanding of the role of extracranial venous anomalies and variations. So far, there is no diagnostic imaging modalities established, non-invasive or invasive, it can serve as a "gold standard" for identifying these venous anomalies. However, are emerging guidelines and standardized protocols for imaging. Most likely, a multimodal imaging approach will eventually be the most complete for purposes of screening, diagnosis and monitoring. Further research is needed to determine the spectrum of extra cranial venous diseases and to compare the results of imaging with pathological examinations. The ability to define and detect these abnormalities reliably and non-invasive treatment is an essential step to determine their incidence and prevalence. According to the authors is therefore still to demonstrate the role of these abnormalities in significant hemodynamic consequences cause for intra-cranial venous drainage in patients with multiple sclerosis and other neurological disorders, and aging.
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  This article shows how to diagnose and to define the role of CCSVI in multiple sclerosis serva still lots of research and above all a "multimodal" approach, therefore, not based on a single diagnostic method as the Doppler Sonography.
  It looks so amazing how the Italian multiple sclerosis Association (Aism) consider as definitive the own epidemiological study CoSMo (not yet published in any scientific journal ...), which according to many scholars the important procedural flaws has already starting time.
  Maybe just the important conflict of interest with the pharmaceutical companies can explain the strange behavior of vertices of Aism