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Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiëntie
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Sunday, August 28, 2016 3:30 AM | Venöse Multiple Sklerose, CVI & SVI, CCSVI Volg link
How & Where to test for Magnesium Deficiency?

The right Magnesium test is called 'RBC Magnesium test' NOT! ‘serum Magnesium test’ or ‘Vollbluttest’ like in Germany. There the right test is called 'Intraerythrozytär Magnesiumtest'.

Serum Magnesium is worthless because only %1 of the body’s entire amount of Magnesium is circulating in the blood stream the rest of this essential mineral is stored/hidden in your body tissue (bones/muscles/brain/teeth etc.) and your clever body will do EVERYTHING to keep that %1 Mg in your blood stream in balance because otherwise you will die from a heart attack in seconds.

Months, weeks, days before such a fatal event takes place, the serum Magnesium level will even rise (body ‘steals’ it from the tissue and pumps it back in the blood stream), which is kind of nature’s LAST attempt to allow the heart muscle to relax after every contraction it performs and to prevent a heart attack/death.

Get tested! & PLEASE share addresses (+lab names) where to get such a test done at your place and how much it would cost.

- In New Zealand such test would costs you ~NZ$ 20. You can order it e.g. directly at every "pathlab ltd." and you don't need a referral from a med. doctor.

- In Germany you can get the RBC Mg test done, which is called “Intraerytrozytäre Magensium Test” in D at SYNLAB: (SYNLAB prices: Mag intraerythroz 27,49€, Zinc 5,25€, Copper 2,33€, Ca ionisiert 3,07€, 25 OH D3 27,98€, 1,25 OH D3 43,72€, Ceruloplasmin 12,06€) or at the GANZIMMUN Lab: The right nomenclature "Intraerytrozytäre" is extremely important!
More German Labs: - STUTTGART: Labor Enders LEINFELDEN: Synlab BERLIN: Labor Berlin GREIZ: Laborpraxis Greiz KARLSFELD: Bioscientia http://www.bioscientia.deIn

- Western Australia "Clinipath Pathology" &"Western Diagnostic Pathology" is doing the test as well. There you don't need a referral either and it would cost you ~AUS$ 50.
But if you can get a referral in NZ & AUS, the test would be for free/has insurance coverage in both Countries.

- In the USA you can order most of your blood tests online at:

- In Canada most hospitals, life labs (currently not available in Western Canada) and Gamma Dynacare (Ontario, central or Eastern Canada) are doing RBC Magnesium tests. Referral needed.

RBC Magnesium values:

- under 6.0mg/dl is Mg-deficiency
- 6.0 mg/dl is minimum
- 6.5mg/dl is optimal
- 7.0 is heaven :) p.s.
I do know NOT ONE person with ”MS” or any other chronic disease who has done the right test, who wasn’t deficient in Magnesium. NOT ONE!
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