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Chronische Cerebro-Spinale Veneuze Insufficiëntie
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Friday, January 7, 2011 6:57 PM | Ken Torbert Volg link

For some time now it has been recognized that the venous outflow being obstructed is found at the root of many neurological and muscular diseases.!/notes/denise-manley/a-unifying-hypothesis-for-hydrocephalus-chiari-malformation-syringomyelia-anence/10150364982315608


Another article being added as substantiating evidence that venous disease is chromosomal and what Zamboni & Salvi found on chromosome 6p.21.32 does correlate with other venous malformations.!/notes/denise-manley/glomuvenous-and-venous-malformations-clues-for-diagnosisclinical-report/10150364979630608

Journal of NeurologyVolume 256, Number 6, 964-969, DOI: 10.1007/s00415-009-5056-zOriginal Communication Venous obstruction and jugular valve insufficiency in idiopathic intracranial hypertension Max Nedelmann, Manfred Kaps and Wibke Mueller-Forell


Volume 33, Issue 6, Pages 857-862 (June 2007) Analysis of Internal Jugular Vein Insufficiency—A Comparison of Two Ultrasound MethodsMax Nedelmann, Daniel Teschner, Marianne Dieterich


J Neurol (2005) 252 : 1482–1486DOI 10.1007/s00415-005-0894-9 ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONIncreased incidence of jugular valve insufficiency in patients with transient global amnesiaMax Nedelmann, B.Martin Eicke, Marianne Dieterich


Journal of Neuroimaging, Volume 15, Issue 1, pages 70–75, January 2005Functional and Morphological Criteria of Internal Jugular Valve Insufficiency as Assessed by UltrasoundMax Nedelmann MD, B. Martin Eicke MD, Marianne Dieterich M

Etiology and Pathogenesis of MS

It's very important to understand cerebrovascular and endovascular neurosurgery.

Absolutely my sentiments too! Fire the godamn Neuro, this is a vascular disease!

Well, here is some good news. More doctors stepping up to the plate! Check out their list!

Keep exercising! It's good for the mind and the endothelium of the veins!

Imagine the immune response that is going on in the spine, brain and the heart as venous valvular damage and incompetence restricts the blood flow within the jugular and azygos veins. As it was demonstrated in 1993 article CVI in the lower extremities, this same idea can be aligned with CCSVI, this is a venous malformation is a condition that allows plasma proteins to leak into tissue space as well as ischemic dama.

Dr. Haacke needs normals to compare with MS patients for CCSVI. This is oneof the most critical parts of his research. He needs normals, normals and more normals! Imaging is taking place in Detroit at Harper Hospital in the MR Research Facility. There is no charge for the scans.Please click on the link for details and contact informati...on:

Vascular stents have been used to treat blood vessels and veins and will probably continue to be used.

Although the controversy rages on, people do have stents for venous disease and those that do experience remarkable recovery.

Let the trails of "white paper" be followed!

CAUTION WARNING DANGER Know your doctor's background!Gees and on the day he just hosted a Roundtable....hmmmm read my notes people, read the paper and do your research on the doctors that say they treat CCSVI.

A publication from Dr. Simka. The more publications around the better! We need the white paper trail!

Dr. Zivadinov, Haacke and more conclude that there is a correlation of those iron deposits and disability, with length of time and concentration of iron in different areas of the brain.

Class is now in session! Mary is such a great teacher!

Mary gives yet another lesson in this easy to understand story board, just in case there is something you may not understand.

Here is the treatment for venous disease in simplest terms possible! This is nothing new they have been treating venous disease in this manner for the past 30+ years! Guess what? Interventional radiologists go to school to specifically learn how to do this, in the US and Canada and around the world our medical schools have been training people to become doctors of interventional radiology!

Boycott the national multiple sclerosis societies! We don't need the effing NMSS, we have The SIR! We now also have

Take a look at genetics, people with MS have a pre-dispostion for venous disease. People with MS and CCSVI have a genetic component in common on chromosome 6p21.32 called venous disease!

More evidence that shows the safety of the endovascular procedure to correct CCSVI in people with MS

Dr. Haacke is an expert in his field and has provided us and the medical community with images and how to do MR's.

An editorial from Dr. Haacke

People undergoing angioplasty should understand the risks of blood clotting. Start with knowing about vitamin K and blood clotting and how that relates.

All persons undergoing angioplasty should then be on some type of regime to keep their blood thinned. Some will be coumadin, some plavix and some 325mg of asprin per day. Check with your IR as to what category you fall into. 

Wikipedia can describe it

The medical list of publications is growing and each study and publication is finding the same thing! Soon it will be accepted world wide, as soon as the US studies are done, we are following the lead from Italy!

This consensus document shows that CCSVI is an accepted congenital venous malformation that can be treated.

The drugs won't fix MS! They won't fix CCSVI either! Don't do drugs! Just say NO!

Another reason to not do drugs! 

This is how they decided to start handing out the CRAB drugs.

The one year timeline!

How Dr. Hubbard sees CCSVI

Interview with Dr. Sal Sclafani.

The running list of doctors that I keep. Please don't repost the list as it's always changing and many doctors are still working under the table and not on an IRB. Each person should do their own research on the doctor they choose and ask their own questions.!/notes/denise-manley/glomuvenous-and-venous-malformations-clues-for-diagnosisclinical-report/10150364979630608

Experimental models of neuroprotection relevant to multiple sclerosis

The proof of the failure of the "autoimmune"

theory(EAE) is the lack of ANY CURES as well as no decrease in progression.

Prof. O Behan is one of the lone voices in the study of MS who makes

sense. How many more lives will MS destroy while research continues on

the wrong path???? "Paul Dye"